Adventures in Atomville: The Macroscope

A New Kind of "Science Fiction"

Grades 3 - 6

written by Jill Linz

Story by Jill Linz and Cindy Schwarz

Illustrated by Warren Gregory

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Adventures in Atomville is a new type of “science” fiction. Niles and Livvie have been best friends forever even though they are different atoms. They play atom games together with their friends and go to school just like ordinary atoms. One day they began to wonder where they came from, which leads to adventures that will ultimately lead them to the discovery of the Inner World and the Outer World. Things get complicated when they have to save Penelope, the Wise Old Proton, from the evil hands of the Royal Benzenes. The good citizens of Atomville are at odds with one another as some believe that all atoms should live in a free and gaseous state, while others believe that all atoms should work for the Molecules. The adventures that Niles and Livvie encounter take us through the world of atoms where eventually we see that the Molecules are very important to the Outer World. In this first book of the series, Niles tells the story of how he and Livvie accidentally invent a Macroscope, allowing them to see the Outer World for the first time.


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